Mike Karpekin Wedding Photographer

How much will it cost?

• I don’t list pricing on the website because of the variables that make up the total package. Prices vary depending on location, if it’s a destination wedding and custom photography options. Please contact me to discuss your unique wedding requirements.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

• For six years, I’ve been photographing weddings across California and other destinations. My portfolio is my “resume,” showcasing the many weddings I’ve done and my photography style.

Do you subcontract work?

• I will be the primary photographer at your wedding; however, I also have assistant, who take care of the gear, lighting and provides secondary coverage; however, I never subcontract my work to another photographer.

How does the editing process work?

• I edit every image by hand and never edit pictures in bulk.

Do you help with permits?

• Unfortunately, I am unable to secure any permits to photograph in a specific location. That is legwork you’ll have to do, because you, the client, is required to hold the permit. I’m happy to help with questions about locations, but be sure you obtain the necessary permits. Photographing at a location without a permit may result in our being asked to leave.

Do you take color and black-and-white images?

• Black-and-white images require advance planning. If you’d like black-and-white images to be part of your wedding package, we can discuss that during our planning session.

How long after the wedding will we receive our wedding photos?

• Within 9 weeks.

How many pictures will we get?

• The number of pictures varies from one wedding to the next. The average wedding package includes 800 photos.

Will we also get unedited files?

• Unedited files aren’t part of the wedding package. I’ll select and edit the best images, which will be included in the final wedding photos delivered to you.

Will we be able to see images that aren’t in the wedding package?

• When selecting and editing photos, I’ll remove only those that aren’t of value, such as a photo where someone has her eyes closed or a duplicate shot. These aren’t worth keeping. Every other photo will be included in your wedding photo package.

Will you attend the rehearsal?

• Yes, you can include attendance at the rehearsal as part of your custom wedding package.

How will you design my album?

• The process is completed online. It’s easy and simple. It will take two to four weeks to generate the first draft of your album, and each round of changes generally takes one more week. You will be able to preview your album’s design and make three rounds of changes to it. If you require more changes, you’ll be charged an additional fee. Once you approve the layout, I will help you choose your album cover style, color and other details. Once you sign off on the book, it goes to print.

What does the finished album look like?

• The flush mount album printed on edge to edge photographic paper will feature a fresh look that will impress your friends and family today and be a cherished memory decades from now.

Do you do engagement pictures?

• Engagement photographs are included as part of your wedding package (and in the price); however, travel rates may apply to outside greater Sacramento area.

What other kinds of pictures do you do?

• I do wedding, engagement, and portrait photography.

What’s your photography style?

• My photography style can be described as natural and fresh. The quality of the photos are much like what you’d see if you were seeing the picture being taken in real time. I don’t use too much of any special effects in Photoshop to tweak the images.

Will you do posed family pictures at the wedding?

• Yes! These types of pictures reflect your wedding day as much as the other shots. When we meet to discuss the wedding day schedule and plan the photos, we’ll go over a list of family photos you’d like me to take.

Will you work from a “shot list”?

• Aside from the family photos, I generally don’t work from a shot list. Having to use a detailed list of photos runs counterproductive to the kinds of natural photos that result on your special day. However, if you have one or two photos that you want to replicate, we can do that. 

What wedding photograph equipment do you use?

• I use professional Nikon equipment.

Will you save a date for my wedding?

• To be fair to everyone, I book all wedding dates based on first come-first served, meaning you must sign a contract and pay a retainer. Then, I’ll hold the date for you.

What is your payment structure?

• I require a $600 retainer. The final balance is due two weeks prior to the wedding date.

Can we make a payment after the wedding?

• You must make the final payment for the wedding photograph package two weeks prior to the wedding date. If you upgrade your album or purchase other products, you may pay for them after the wedding.

Will you refund the retainer if I cancel my wedding?

• Unfortunately, the retainer and final payment (two weeks before the wedding) is nonrefundable. They guarantee that I’ll be available to you on that date, and I turn away other business once you pay the retainer/final payment.

How soon should we book our date?

• I book weddings as close as one month prior to the event or as far as a calendar year in advance. However, as a general rule, the sooner you book the date, the better.

If our wedding runs later than scheduled, will you hang around?

• Yes. If your wedding is running late, beyond the 12 hours of photography offered in your wedding package, I will charge overtime for the additional hours

Do you give discounts?

• In some cases, discounts are possible. These are based on my availability, the season and travel plans. Give me a call to discuss your needs.

Should we include you (and your assistants) in the wedding meal count?

• Please do. For most weddings, I cover the event over a 12 hour span of time, which means I’ll also need to eat at some point. Providing me with a meal helps me stay energetic to capture your special moments. Don’t worry. I’ll quickly eat the meal while you’re eating – who wants to be captured while chewing anyway?

Can my wedding guests also take pictures?

• Of course. 

How long will you take pictures at the wedding?

• We will agree upon the timeframe beforehand. When we meet to discuss the wedding day schedule, we’ll predetermine how long I’ll be at your wedding (usually 12 hours) and put it in the contract. In general, I begin with coverage of the groom and finish with the reception.