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My name is Mike Karpekin, and I'm a Wedding Photographer. 

Experience counts on your wedding day

Your photographer should guide you through your wedding day photos – not the other way around. You already have a lot to worry about. The ceremony. The reception. Your dress. You shouldn’t have to worry about the photography, too. 

Like the photography style you see in my portfolio? 

When you work with me, that’s exactly the style of photographs you’ll get for your wedding.
Whether you need wedding, engagement, portraits or destination wedding photography, I will help you ensure that your pictures are, simply put, stunning.

Here are just a few of the roles I’ll play on your wedding day:

  • Experienced. You may not know much about what photos you want or where to take them. Or maybe you’ve been building your Pinterest wedding portfolio for awhile now, and know exactly what you want.

Either way, I know how to capture the beauty of your wedding day in the best light and how to capture the natural magic of your day.

  • One of the family. When you invite a photographer into your wedding, he should become part of the family. And that’s exactly what I do. I know how to stay in the background when necessary, but I also know how to make you laugh and ensure the sometimes long process of taking wedding photos is lots of fun, too.
  • Planner. Because I’ve photographed many weddings, I’ve also become an expert in planning the wedding day. I’ll spend time with you walking you through the day’s wedding schedule and help you work through aspects that you haven’t thought of yet.

You should be able to enjoy your wedding day experience. After all, you’re investing lots of time and thousands of dollars in the event. Leave the worry about photos behind, and let me take care of it. 

I’ll get to know you and your fiancé so you feel comfortable with your photographer – and that the photography details of the day are well taken care of.

I know how to photograph cherished moments between the bride and groom and their families.

  • Memorable pictures. My photography style is best described as “natural” – photos that will look just as good today as they do in 40 years, when you’re reminiscing about the wonderful day.
  • The details. I’ll assess the natural lighting and position the wedding party to ensure great photos of the entire day.
  • Capturing the beauty of the day. Never worry that you won’t take great wedding photos because you think you aren’t photogenic. Leave that to me. I’ll direct the poses, incorporate backgrounds, and put together groupings to ensure you look your best on the biggest day of your life.

Your source for wedding photography

I’ve photographed weddings through the greater Sacramento area, Southern California and across the U.S.

Contact me to discuss your wedding and how we can create a memorable, unique experience together.

Email: mike@mikekarpekin.com
Call or text: (916) 420-1892
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